Examine yourself if someone corrects you and you feel offended.pngEgo — a short word with a long life which never easily goes. This abstract noun is that trouble maker of the family who would make you go to the museum when everyone decides for a water park. Guess what?  In the end, museum wins your ride. When all your positive emotions of kindness compel you to forgive someone then this ego, that hooligan of the family, will stain the plan. Ego hates to get bruised, so it will screen your way of morality and gift you a temporary satisfaction — whispering, after all, you are right. Iblis cried when he was thrown on Earth. He cried because he was thrown, not because of the regret of his egotistical behavior of disobeying. Egoistic people shed tears for the consequences, unable to dig out the cause “ego” itself. The majority of us own this flaw, but no one admits— as even admitting will hurt our ego.


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