Never under estimate the power of niyat

Have you ever soaked your throat by consuming a glass of water without the intention of killing your thirst? No of course not! Your smallest action has an intention, and as a human, you own a rational ability to reason and think — thus you do everything with a concrete purpose. Let’s embed the thought of ALLAH before any action, as our deeds will be filtered through our niyat.  Free-funded rewards can be earned just by single pure intention.  On the Day of Judgment, a single intention which just requires the workforce of our brain will be the savior. Embed niyat for the sake of ALLAH in your maximum possible actions. Like construct the window with not an intention of breathing in fresh air but for sake of letting the sound of Azaan through your ears. Just keep this intention, and the gush of fresh air will automatically follow.

Share Hadis, quote or anything positive by leaving a comment. Dump the thought that people already know this, as your account is with ALLAH. Let your good deeds multiply in Ramazan.